Journal of Family and Community Medicine

: 2005  |  Volume : 12  |  Issue : 1  |  Page : 59-

Teaching tips - General questions to consider

Khalid Al-Umran 
 Chief, Directorate of Medical EducationCollege of Medicine, King Faisal University, Dammam, Saudi Arabia

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Al-Umran K. Teaching tips - General questions to consider. J Fam Community Med [serial online] 2005 [cited 2020 Sep 20 ];12:59-59
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What do I think is going on even before I get into the room?Is this patient's age important to this case?Is this patient's gender important to this case?What are common causes of this problem in this population or geographic area?What is my objective for this visit? Is it just to address the identified problem or to do a more general assessment?What do I need to know about this complaint?How will I organize my data collection?How should I relate to the patient and/or family?What other medical history do I need?What social history do I need?Do I need to assess for substance abuse?Do I need family history?What kind of a review of systems should I perform?Have I asked about medication and allergy history?Have I asked about use of over-the-counter or alternative (such as herbal) medications?What kind of physical examination would be most appropriate?Do I need all of the physical examination techniques needed to assess this complaint?Are these techniques sensitive to and/or specific for a particular diagnosis?What is on my differential diagnosis? Have I included both the things that are probable and the things that are potentially serious?Do I need laboratory testing?Are there other diagnostics such as imaging studies that I should consider?Do I need a consultation?If I decide to treat, what are my treatment options?Is cost a factor in choosing a treatment?How well will this patient and/or family want (or be able) to adhere to this treatment plan?Are there health maintenance or health promotion needs for this patient?Should I address these needs on this visit, or is a follow-up visit necessary?Does this patient need follow-up for the presenting complaint?How will I know if my treatment has been effective?What cultural factors may be important in the diagnosis or treatment of this problem?Is there anything else I should be thinking about?